US Film and Television Union to Go on Strike from Monday Next Week

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The union representing film and television crews said its 60,000 members would start a mass strike on Monday if an agreement on demands for fair and safe working conditions was not reached.

The strike will stop filming in most film and television productions. The impact will extend beyond Hollywood, as well as affect production in areas such as Georgia, New Mexico and other shooting locations in America.

The chairman of the International Alliance of Theater Employees (IATSE) Matthew Loeb on Wednesday (13/10) said the strike would start at 00.01 a.m. on Monday next week unless an agreement on rest and meal times and wage arrangements for the lowest-paid employees.

The strike would be a serious setback for an industry that recently returned to work after shutting down due to the pandemic. And now that production has picked up again, union leaders say “catch-up” is making working conditions worse.

This will be the first national strike in the 128-year history of the IATSE, whose members include cinematographers, camera operators, set designers, carpenters, hair and make-up stylists, as well as animators.

The Film and Television Producers Alliance, which represents studios and other entertainment companies in the negotiations, said its members value their crew members and are committed to avoiding shutting down the industry, which is still recovering. (ka/rs)

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