Netflix and UNESCO Team up to ‘Hunt’ Young African Talents

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Netflix on Thursday (14/10) has launched a project with the United Nations agency for culture and education (UNESCO). They will seek out young talents of filmmakers from sub-Saharan Africa and explore the folklore of the region.

The program called “African Folktales, Reimagined” is a collaboration between Netflix, the service giant streaming America, with UNESCO in search of six young directors to make a short film to be shown on Netflix next year. Each director will have a budget of $75,000 for the film and $25,000 for themselves.

The American company Netflix is ​​quite successful at taking shows from around the world and bringing them to a global audience. A recent example is the South Korean television series “Squid Game” which has gained worldwide popularity.

Netflix has previously provided scholarships and COVID-19 pandemic relief funds for South Africa and Nigeria.

UNESCO said the new initiative was motivated in part by a desire to preserve traditions that are in danger of being forgotten due to the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to hinder cultural gatherings.

Until November 14, young filmmakers aged 18 to 35 can submit ideas for the competition. (ka/rs)

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