Biden Seeks to Lower Inflation by Expanding Port of Los Angeles Operations

U.S. President Joe Biden sought to convince Americans Wednesday that he could lower high inflation, and announced a deal to expand operations at the Los Angeles port.

The move comes as prices of goods continue to rise and container ships wait to dock in traffic jams at sea, threatening the US economy and year-end holiday shopping.

Most of the prices soared because container ships were stranded in ports, the goods to be unloaded were still waiting for trucks, thus delaying the goods from reaching the market, resulting in supply shortages and inflation longer than expected.

These rising costs are impacting workers’ wages, stunting growth and sparking Republican criticism of Biden, at a time when the President’s agendas such as taxes, the economy, climate and multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects are being negotiated by the US congress. The White House responded to the issue of delayed cargo at the port of an agreement in which the Los Angeles port operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The hope, the operation at night will help break the deadlock and reduce delays in the delivery of goods such as toasters, sneakers, bicycles, cars and other items.

“With the year-end holidays around the corner, we may wonder if the gifts we were planning to buy will arrive on time,” Biden said at the White House. [ps/jm]

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