Cuban government bans anti-government protests

The Cuban government on Tuesday (12/10) rejected the opposition’s request for a protest on November 15. The reason is that the protest organizers are supported by the United States, which wants to overthrow the current government regime.

The planned demonstrations will follow the unprecedented anti-government protests that erupted on July 11 in some 50 Cuban cities. Organizers want to stage protests in six of the island nation’s 15 provinces, to voice their disapproval of the violence in Cuba and demand change.

But the communist country’s government said the reasons for the November 15 demonstration were invalid and constituted an act of “provocation.” The government added that the new constitution adopted in 2019 states that the current socialist system is “irreversible.”

The protest request published on social media refers to Article 56 of the new Constitution which protects the right to meet, protest and associate for lawful and peaceful purposes.

“Even though it is a constitutional right, it cannot be done to the detriment of the rights of others,” the government said in response. (ka/lt)

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