Afghanistan Needs Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Assistance

U.S. President Joe Biden is holding a virtual meeting with leaders of the world’s richest nations to push for top priorities in Afghanistan, the White House said Tuesday. Meanwhile Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis after America withdrew its troops from the impoverished country and the Taliban returned to power.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki described Tuesday’s virtual G20 summit as a “constructive opportunity to discuss counterterrorism efforts and efforts to provide international humanitarian assistance.”

The United States, Tuesday (12/10), did not announce new funding for Afghanistan or provide concrete details on how the country will fulfill its commitments. However, America, said Psaki, is already Afghanistan’s single largest humanitarian donor, having given more than $330 million dollars this year.

It is the first meeting of international leaders since the US exited Afghanistan in late August. Also this week, top American officials traveled to Doha, Qatar, for the first round of face-to-face negotiations with the new Taliban regime. Neither side said whether a deal was reached, although the United States continues to refrain from officially recognizing the Taliban’s legitimacy as Afghanistan’s government.

In a statement following Tuesday’s meeting, the White House said the United States “remains committed to working closely with the international community and using diplomatic, humanitarian, and economic means to resolve the situation in Afghanistan and support the Afghan people.”[ka/lt]

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