11 Killed in Avalanche and Floods in Philippines Triggered by Tropical Storm

The tropical storm triggered landslides and flash floods that also resulted in heavy rains in the far north of the Philippines. At least 11 people have died and seven are missing, local officials said Tuesday.

More than 6,500 residents were evacuated from homes in several cities hit by floods and torrential rains, while strong winds uprooted trees and knocked down power lines.

Tropical Storm Kompasu was last tracked over the South China Sea and moving toward the Chinese island of Hainan and then on to Vietnam with winds of 100 kilometers per hour (kph) and gusts of 125 kph, the government’s weather forecast center said.

Six residents died in a landslide that hit their homes in Benguet province, a mountainous area in the northern Philippines, and three others in the region have not been found. A security guard was swept away by strong waves while inspecting the harbor and drowned in the town of Claveria in Cagayan, disaster response officials said.

In Palawan province, four died and four were missing in flash floods in the town of Narra, which was hit by rain in a monsoon season exacerbated by storms.

About 20 hurricanes and typhoons every year lash the Philippines, which also lies on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” an area frequently hit by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. (ka/rs)

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