Kim Jong-un slams US government, determined to build ‘invincible’ military

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspects a rare exhibit of weapons systems, and vows to build an “invincible” military power. He accused the United States of creating tension and of not taking action to prove that it had no hostile intentions towards North Korea, North Korean state media reported on Tuesday (12/10).

In an apparent ongoing effort to foster division between America and South Korea, Kim also said the military build-up was not to attack South Korea and that there should never be another war against the Koreans.

Kim on Monday (11/10) made a speech at the “Self-Defense Development Exhibition-2021,” an event to mark the 76th anniversary of the ruling Labor Party.

South Korean media reported that it was the first event hosted by North Korea.

North Korea has sent mixed signals against its rivals in recent weeks. (ka/rs)

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