EU Promises More Help for Afghans

The European Union will provide more “direct assistance” to Afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. This was announced by the European Union’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Monday (11/10).

Knowing the Afghan economy is on the verge of collapse, while famine and a major humanitarian crisis loom, according to Borell, there is an urgent need to provide more aid to the country.

“We will provide assistance through our multilateral partners, while respecting the agreed principles of our engagement,” he said. But he insists that does not mean the EU recognizes the Taliban government. He stressed that the bloc would only resume regular development cooperation after the Taliban met the “five benchmarks” required by the European Union,” Borrell said.

The benchmarks include not making Afghanistan a base for international terrorism, respecting the rule of law and human rights, and allowing the departure of foreigners and Afghans at risk.

Before the Taliban took power in August, Afghanistan’s economy depended on international aid, which made up 75% of the budget. The country is experiencing a liquidity crisis because its assets are still frozen in America and other countries. The provision of assistance from international organizations is temporarily suspended. [ka/lt]

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