Disappointment With Biden Increases

George Barisich is not surprised by recent reports that President Joe Biden’s popularity rating among Americans continues to fall.

A commercial fisherman outside New Orleans, Barisich never liked Biden. “I didn’t like it from the beginning, and it seems like the whole state knows what I’ve known for a long time,” he told FLY.

A national poll compiled by website FiveThirtyEight showed the president’s approval rating stood at nearly 55 percent in May. Since then, its popularity has dropped drastically.

A Quinnipiac University poll last week showed only 38 per cent of respondents agreed with President Biden’s performance, with 53 per cent disagreeing.

Robert Collins, professor of Urban Studies and Public Policy at Dillard University in New Orleans, said a combination of problems drove the decline, from the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan to his administration’s handling of nearly a record high migration to America.

“Only 23 percent of respondents agreed with its performance related to the border crisis,” said Collins. “It was a disaster.”

Barisich said he saw a decline in enthusiasm for Biden even among his supporters. “I was given ‘President Trump’ socks which I like to wear sometimes,” Barisich said with a laugh. “Until recently, the Biden supporters I knew would denounce him and tell me all the great things they thought president Biden was doing. However, lately, they’ve been more quiet.” [my/jm]

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