Cologne City in Germany Allows Mosques to Play Azan

The German city of Cologne has said it will start allowing mosques to play the call to prayer over loudspeakers.

The announcement, which was released on Monday (11/10), stated that the call to prayer could be recited for Friday prayers for five minutes.

The announcement also states that mosques must apply for permission to call the call to prayer and must comply with volume limits. The permit will be valid for two years.

“Allowing a prayer call by the muezzin is a sign (that we) respect,” cuit Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker last week.

Reker said those arriving at the city’s main train station were greeted by the sound of church bells from the cathedral. He also said that adding a voice calling for Muslims to pray shows freedom and religious diversity in the city.

Church bells are rung daily in many cities and towns in Germany.

In Muslim countries, the call to prayer is recited five times a day.

Cologne, a city of 1 million, has about 35 mosques and is one of the cities with the largest Muslim community in Germany. (ka/lt)

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