Again, Some Women Protest Rights to Work and School in Afghanistan

Dozens of women again held a demonstration in the capital Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday (10/10), demanding the right to work and get an education.

Since the Taliban took over Kabul, many have worried about the new government’s restrictions on women’s rights. Some women have reportedly been barred from returning to work and school.

One demonstrator said “the only crime that Afghan women commit is for being a woman.” Harifa Fatimy, who also took part in the demonstration, said they were fighting for the right to work, go to school and participate in political parties.

The international community has repeatedly raised concerns about restricting access to education for women and girls; both at the high school and university level. It is also a warning of a possible return to the harsh Taliban rule of the 1990s when they first led Afghanistan. [em/jm]

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