Russians Come to Serbia to Get Western-made Vaccines

Many Russians have come to Serbia to get a Western-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

Although Russia has its own vaccine, known as Sputnik V, international health authorities have not approved its use.

That means Russian citizens who wish to travel freely must show proof of having received Western-made injections.

Serbia is an easy choice for Russian citizens because they can enter the Balkan country without a visa and because it offers several vaccine options.

Many Russian citizens were seen in hotels, restaurants, bars and vaccination clinics in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

A Russian citizen, Nadezhda Pavlova, 54, told Associated Press“We took the Pfizer vaccine because we wanted to travel the world,” he said after receiving the vaccine last week at a vaccination center in Belgrade.

According to the Association of Russian Tour Operators, vaccination tour packages for Russian citizens who wish to receive vaccines are supported by the World Health Organization (World Health Organization/WHO), marketed since mid-September. [vm/ft]

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