Taliban Asks US to Disburse Afghanistan’s Financial Assets

The Afghan Taliban on Saturday (9/10) urged the United States (US) to dilute Afghanistan’s central bank reserves. The call was made during a meeting with the US delegation in Qatar, the first face-to-face dialogue at a senior level since the Islamists seized power in Afghanistan after the US withdrew its troops in late August.

Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, who attended a two -day talks in Qatar’s capital Doha, said the U.S. delegation in the opening session promised to defend humanitarian aid to the troubled country and would offer a corona virus vaccine to Afghanistan.

In an audio message from the Taliban to reporters, Muttaqi said they discussed the “start of a new chapter” between the two sides. who had been hostile to the US occupation of Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

“The need to establish positive and good relations with each other and equally was emphasized in the discussion. We emphasize the importance of disbursing Afghanistan’s financial assets after the difficult situation facing Afghanistan,” said the Foreign Minister.

Washington has frozen billions of dollars worth of Afghan assets, mostly held in US federal reserves, since the Taliban seized control of the country. World Bank and International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund/IMF) has also blocked development aid, citing concerns about the human rights situation under Taliban rule. [vm/ft]

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