Trump Proven to Try to Change the 2020 Election Results

Donald Trump’s attempt to change the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election has left the Attorney General’s Office on the brink of chaos, prompting top officials in the agency and at the White House to threaten to resign, a committee report found. Senate Judiciary.

The report released on Thursday (7/10) sheds light on how the former Republican president asked the leadership at the Attorney General’s Office to declare the presidential election “corrupt” and rebuked top officials for not doing anything to change the election results. .

Trump’s actions almost resulted in a rebellion in the Prosecutor’s Office which eventually subsided after senior officials at the agency warned that they would resign altogether.

“In his efforts to secure support from the Justice Department or the Attorney General’s Office to maintain his power in the White House, Trump has abused the powers he has as president” and violated Federal Laws that prohibit anyone from ordering federal employees to engage in political activity, according to the statement. the report.

The Senate investigation based on document review and interviews with former officials exposed Trump’s tireless efforts to survive in the White House.

The investigation shows how Trump benefited from the support of a little-known attorney in the Attorney General’s Office who helped the former president’s efforts to change the election results.

But in the end, senior officials at the Attorney General’s Office united and opposed Trump’s efforts.

This phenomenon shows how the US presidential election system relies heavily on the integrity of government officials.

Trump’s failed attempt is now the subject of an investigation by the attorney general’s inspector general. Although Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20, there are still false claims that the presidential election has divided the country, and millions of Americans believe other untrue claims that Trump was rigged in the election. (jm / em)

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