Russia’s Cyber ​​Attacks Target More Countries and Government Institutions

Hackers or hacker Russian origin appears to be increasingly aggressive and more successful in launching its attacks against the United States (US) and other countries, according to a recent report released by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s 2021 Digital Defense report warns of what it calls “Russian actors” responsible for 58 percent of cyber attacks worldwide, with hackers carrying out one in three attack attempts.

“Russia-based activity groups have strengthened their position as a strong threat to the global digital ecosystem,” the report said.

The report also states that Russian actors are now increasingly adaptable and increasingly skilled at using open source tools which “makes them even more difficult to detect.”

Microsoft also said the countries that Russian hackers targeted most frequently were the US, followed by Ukraine and the UK.

The hackers are now focused on gathering intelligence and more than half of the attacks launched by Russia now target agencies involved with foreign policy, national security or defense programmes. The number of attacks on the field has increased from only about three percent last year.

According to Microsoft, after Russia, the other largest cyber attacks came from North Korea, Iran, and China. (jm / em)

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