Cumbre Vieja’s latest eruption covers La Palma Bandara airport

The Spanish airport authorities for the Canary Islands region decided to close the airport on La Palma Island on Thursday (7/10) due to the accumulation of volcanic ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island which has continued to erupt for the past 18 days.

From his Twitter social media account, airport authorities, Aena, said the facility was closed due to the accumulation of volcanic ash. In the news video taken from the airport, clouds of volcanic ash can be seen covering the runway. The airport was previously closed last month due to a similar problem.

The scientist who monitored the Cumbre Vieja eruption said the state of the volcano was unpredictable.

The volcano did not show significant activity a few days ago, but earlier this week, it started to become active again.

In a recent report from its Twitter account, the Canary Island Volcanic Institute said the volcanic activity had worsened in recent hours.

The German Research Center for Geoscience, which sent its team to La Palma, told Associated Press The length of the lava flow on the island reaches about 6,300 meters, with a width of more than 1,000 meters. Its own thickness reaches 25 meters. (jm / em)

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