US Secretary of State: Talks with France Positive

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken is in Paris to attend the Organization for Economic Co -operation and Development (OECD) ministerial meetings on Tuesday (5/10) and Wednesday (6/10).

In addition to attending this OECD meeting, Blinken is also working to repair strained US and French relations after a security pact between the three countries, the US, UK and Australia called (AUKUS) led to the cancellation of a $40 billion contract, the sale of French submarines to Australia.

At an OECD press conference on Wednesday, Blinken said he had “very positive, very productive” conversations with French leaders on his official visit to help restore US-French relations.

“The conversations we’ve had (with France) in the last 24 hours have been very positive, very productive and reflect a lot of the important work that is going on – the work that was assigned to me by President Joe Biden and President Emmanuel Macron to, as I said, deepen the consultations, deepen cooperation, deepen coordination on issues that make a real difference to French citizens and Americans,” Blinken said.

The 38-nation OECD meeting discussed climate change and security, including issues of Taiwan and China, with Blinken reiterating the US commitment to Taiwan remains “sturdy”. [my/ka]

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