US District Judge Orders Texas to Overturn Abortion Prohibition Act

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the state of Texas to overturn the state’s Abortion Act, which is considered the most stringent abortion law in the United States, bans most procedures. abortion in the second most populous state in the US.

The decision to repeal the Act was issued by District Judge Robert Pitman. The decision is a blow to the applicable Texas law known as Senate Bill 8, which so far has succeeded in overcoming opposition to its regulations.

Since the law came into effect last September, several clinics providing abortion procedures in Texas say the impact of the law has caused “as much concern as they have imagined”.

In an 113-page opinion piece, Pitman questioned the Texas legislature’s product, noting that the Texas Republican congressman had “created an unprecedented and transparent legal scheme” that left the law enforcement process entirely to citizens.

Under the law, residents can get compensation of up to $10,000 if they win a lawsuit against an abortion clinic that is found to have violated the regulation.

“Since the moment SB 8 was enacted, women have been deprived of the right to control their lives through means protected by the constitution,” Pitman wrote.

“If any other court finds other ways to circumvent this conclusion, that is their prerogative, but our courts will not condone one day’s treatment of this very important deprivation of rights.”

However, even if the statute of limitations on abortion is suspended, abortion services in Texas may not be able to resume operations as soon as possible, as doctors are still concerned that they will be prosecuted before a formal decision on the law’s cancellation is made.

Texas officials immediately told the court about their efforts to thwart the decision made by Judge Pitman.

They will appeal to the US Court of Appeals, which previously allowed the restrictions on abortion to be enforced. (jm/rs)

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