Taliban Ensures Sharia Law Re -Enforcement in Afghanistan

After being fighters in the mountains of Afghanistan, Taliban personnel are now part of a force patrolling the capital, Kabul, which has been marred by various lawlessness.

Crime in the capital Kabul was rampant under Ashraf Ghani’s rule, with robberies and kidnappings taking place almost daily.

Now Taliban personnel are starting to show their presence by patrolling the streets every day. Some of them no longer carry the AK-47 type assault rifle that is their hallmark, and replace it with an American-made M16 that the Afghan forces left behind.

The Taliban broke up street disputes, summoned suspected criminals to police stations and hunted down those who did not heed their calls.

Taliban security forces ordered journalists not to record female protests in Kabul (photo: doc).

Taliban security forces ordered journalists not to record female protests in Kabul (photo: doc).

Many Afghans are concerned about the tough measures taken by the Taliban, which has a hard-line ideology or imposes strict restrictions on women’s freedoms. But the Taliban does have a reputation for incorruptibility, in stark contrast to the government it ousted, which was notorious for bribery, embezzlement and corruption at every level. However, it still lacks.

A bomb exploded outside the Eid Gah Mosque in the capital Kabul last Sunday (3/10) killing several civilians and targeting Taliban members who were attending a funeral service.

Restore Stability Through Strict Islamic Law

When it came to power in the late 1990s, the Taliban restored stability that Afghans long for and eradicated corruption. But they also enforce strict interpretations of Islamic law, which include the imposition of punishments such as amputation of the hand for thieves, execution of murderers with one bullet to their head; and all of this is often done publicly.’

Police in charge of religion would beat men for cutting their beards or for not praying together.

The Taliban said it would re-impose those penalties. Some have even been implemented.

Recently the body of a man who was killed by police while allegedly attempting to kidnap him was hanged on a crane in the city of Herat.

On two separate occasions in Kabul, petty thieves were paraded through the street to humiliate him, handcuffed, face painted or with stale bread stuffed in their mouths.

The new Taliban rule brings some relief to the corrupt behavior that continued under the previous administration. [em/lt]

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