Hong Kong Police Uncover $26.9 million Smuggling Case

Hong Kong authorities said Thursday they had uncovered an estimated $26.9 million in smuggling cases. It is the largest smuggling case in Hong Kong and involves a number of endangered species.

The government says the smuggling network operates using a number of speedboat and the police managed to confiscate four trucks in the September 23 raid.

Police said a 34-year-old man was arrested in the operation, which has been under investigation since last June. According to them, the customs department and maritime police division were deployed to raid smugglers operating in the so-called New Territories near mainland China.

“This is the largest smuggling case among all forms of smuggling by air, sea and land detected by Customs,” the government said.

High demand for luxury goods is a common phenomenon in Hong Kong. This semi-autonomous city in China has an extensive air and sea network to world markets.

Until this news was published, it was not known exactly what species the criminal network had smuggled in. [ab/uh]

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