US Congressman slams Facebook

US congressmen on Tuesday slammed social media giant Facebook after the company’s former employee, Frances Haugen, who eventually became a whistleblower or whistleblowers, accusing Facebook products of having a bad influence on young people, weakening democracy, and dividing the country.

Haugen, who worked as Facebook’s project manager for less than two years, held Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responsible and accused him of prioritizing company profits over controlling the content of the social media company’s various platforms, including Instagram.

Haugen testified before the Senate Commerce Sub-Committee on Consumer Protection a day after Facebook faced several hours of technical trouble that prevented millions of its users from accessing the Facebook site as well as other platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also owned by the tech giant. .

“I don’t know why the platform was crippled,” Haugen said, “but I do know that for more than five hours (when the disturbance occurred), Facebook was not used to further divide, disrupt democracy, and make women feel bad about their bodies.” through uploading glamorous photos of models, pop singers, and Hollywood stars.

Democratic and Republican congressmen, who rarely show cohesiveness on issues, were quick to criticize Facebook, and criticized Zuckerberg for taking a vacation amid the controversy surrounding his company. The congressmen vowed to impose tighter controls on social media. (jm / em)

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