Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Wins “Knight of Freedom” Award

Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was awarded the “Knight of Freedom” in abstentia on Tuesday at the Warsaw Security Forum in Poland.

Navalny was arrested last January and is serving a 2.5-year sentence for violating parole on his previous charges. Navalny said the sentence was politically motivated.

The award was presented by the President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Zbigniew Pisarski, in recognition of “Navalny’s extraordinary efforts to promote democratic values ​​in Russia, his strong dedication in fighting for the values ​​of freedom, justice, respect for the law and accountability in the governance system. the Russian state.”

The award was received by two of Navalny’s colleagues, Vladimir Milov and Leonid Volkov, who each delivered a speech on Navalny’s behalf.

“The whole story of Navalny and his movement is a story of hope over fear,” said Milov, a member of Russia’s democratic opposition group.

He felt “very grateful” that Navalny’s movement was “noticeable in the free world.”

“In the end hope will win. Russia will be normal. Russia will be free,” he stressed. (em / jm)

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