California Oil Pipeline Possibly Damaged by Ship Anchor

The leak in an oil pipeline in California, which has caused thousands of gallons of oil to spill into waters in the region, may have been caused by damage to the ship’s anchor, authorities said Tuesday.

The section of the pipe that was dragged along was 1.2 kilometers long, with the length of the torn section reaching 30 centimeters, the US coast guard said.

Initial reports suggest the damage may have been caused by “an anchor caught in the pipe causing a partial tear,” according to federal transportation investigators.

The rupture of the oil pipeline occurred about 8 kilometers offshore and was at a depth of 30 meters above sea level.

These findings are included in an order from the Department of Transportation prohibiting the company operating the oil pipeline from restoring flow before conducting a thorough investigation and testing of the incident.

The order did not specify the source of the investigator’s information, and officials from the department did not immediately respond to a request for comment by AP. (jm / em)

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