Facebook Removes Part of Content Banned in Russia

Facebook finally agreed to the demands given by the Russian government to remove some of the content that was banned from publishing in that country.

But the social media service provider still had to pay a hefty fine for moving too slowly to meet the demands, the newspaper reported. Knowledge citing a statement by the Russian Communications Affairs Regulatory Agency Roskomnadzor on Monday (4/10).

Russia has stepped up pressure on foreign technology companies in recent months as part of its efforts to achieve greater state sovereignty in cyberspace.

Roskomnadzor previously threatened Facebook last week with fines reaching about 10 percent of its annual revenue in the country if it does not remove content deemed illegal by the Russian government.

Experts, as quoted by Knowledge, estimating that the profit Facebook earn in Russia ranges from 12 to 39 billion rubles or the equivalent of $165-$538 million. Reuters unable to verify the estimate.

Roskomnadzor said that Facebook has removed the illegal content in question from its platform as well as from social media Instagram, but the company may still have to pay fines for not removing the content quickly.

Facebook and Roskomnadzor did not respond to requests for response from Reuters. (rs/ah)

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