China’s arms exports decline despite loyal customers

China’s global arms export market share is falling as the country’s weapons are generally untested in combat and there are other costs, including political costs, experts say.

China’s arms sales, the country with the No. 2 in the world, in 2016-2020 it fell 7.8% compared to the previous five-year range, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. In terms of market share, the data showed, China’s arms exports fell from 5.6% to 5.2%.

After-sales service support for Chinese hardware often costs a lot compared to the lower selling price. The costs are also higher than those set by other arms exporters.

Maritime security researcher at Nanyang Technological University, Collin Koh, said political friction with China also kept foreign buyers away from China, especially if imports required integration with non-Chinese systems. He added that Chinese weapons, which are generally untested on the battlefield, have some buyers wondering if they are working properly. Many types of American-made weapons have been tested in battle so that they are more recognized by importers. [ka/lt]

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