“Simple Laundry, Gives Older Transwomen a Chance to Live”

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Familiarly called Oma Dona, she started working in a laundry that was born from the care of an Indonesian woman named Nia English, who managed to get a grant of $10,000 or around Rp. 140 million. All of the funds are intended to provide a hook for the elderly trans women group to be empowered.

According to the Chairperson of the Indonesian Transgender Communication Forum, Yulianus Rettblaut or Mami Yuli, the majority of transgender women urbanized from regions to cities after receiving rejection from their families. Coupled with societal stigma and discrimination, the lives of trans women groups are becoming increasingly difficult.

Life is increasingly challenging for the elderly trans women group. Not only do they lack security in their old age and live without their families, many elderly transwomen do not have ID cards. Consequently, they do not have access to social health insurance.

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