Huge Oil Spill Pollutes California Beaches

One of the largest oil spills off the coast of California polluted the region’s popular beaches and killed wildlife. Officials on Sunday tried to control the oil before it spread further into protected wetlands.

A statement from the Huntington Beach city government said at least 477,000 liters of oil spilled into waters off the coast of Orange County. Newspaper Los Angeles Times reported many birds and fish died as a result of the oil spill.

“This spill had a severe impact on Huntington Beach, a substantial ecological impact on the coast and the Huntington Beach Wetlands,” the statement said.

The oil spill caused a one kilometer inundation in the sea. Plumes of black oil washed ashore with dead birds and fish. Officers led by the United States Coast Guard deployed devices skimmer and the barrier dubbed boom, to try to prevent oil from spilling over into the Bolsa Chica wetlands and Ecological Reserve.

The sticky oil came from a damaged pipeline connected to an offshore oil rig called Elly, which is about eight kilometers from the coast, Orange County official Katrina Foley said via an account. Twitter hers.

A Huntington Beach statement Sunday morning (3/10) said, “While the leak has not been completely stopped, initial efforts have been completed to repair the site of the oil spill,” and further repair efforts will be underway. (vm/ka)

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