Chinese plane flying near Taiwan makes US nervous

The Chinese military flew 16 warplanes over the waters of southern Taiwan on Sunday (3/10). The United States government responded to the action by expressing concern and saying that the activity was a “provocative military action” near the island with a sovereign government.

China is still claiming that Taiwan is part of its territory.

China sent 38 warplanes to the area on Friday (1/10) and 39 on Saturday (2/10), the most in a day since Taiwan began issuing reports on the flights in September 2020.

The flights took place during the day and night, and it is not yet clear whether China is planning another flight Sunday evening.

A statement by US State Department spokesman Ned Price warned that Chinese military activity near Taiwan could lead to miscalculations and undermine regional peace and stability.

“We urge Beijing to stop (military, diplomatic, and economic) pressure and coercion against Taiwan,” Price said.

He added that the US, which is Taiwan’s largest arms supplier, would continue to assist the country’s government to maintain sufficient self-defense capabilities. (vm/ka)

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