Khashoggi’s fiancee urges US to hold Saudis accountable

The fiancée of the late journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Friday (1/10), questioned US President Joe Biden’s commitment to holding the Saudi Kingdom to account three years after the brutal murder of him.

Marking the anniversary of Khashoggi’s death, Hatice Cengiz traveled to Washington to stage demonstrations outside the Saudi embassy and stand guard near the Capitol Building where she displayed a portrait of Khashoggi made of a newspaper column.

He voiced disappointment in the days leading up to the anniversary. Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who US intelligence said ordered the assassination.

“Is this the accountability Biden promised?” he asked at an event organized by human rights groups.

“MBS took Jamal from me and the whole world. Are you going to hold him accountable or are you going to reward these killers?” he said, referring to the 36-year-old heir to the throne.

Khashoggi, a prominent Saudi living in exile in the United States, criticized MBS in his column The Washington Post.

On 2 October 2018, she entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get paperwork for marrying Cengiz, who is a Turkish citizen. According to US and Turkish officials, the waiting Saudi hit squad then strangled him and dismembered his body.

US President at the time Donald Trump played down the episode, saying it was more important that Saudi Arabia buy US weapons and share hostility towards Iran.

Biden vowed a tougher approach, declassifying intelligence and imposing sanctions on the Saudis, though not on the crown prince himself. [ah]

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