Hurricane Shaheen hits Oman, at least 3 people killed

Tropical Storm Shaheen hit Oman on Sunday (3/10), killing at least three people. Authorities urged residents to evacuate coastal areas and suspended flights to and from the capital, Muscat.

A child who was swept away by water was found dead, the country’s official news agency said, and another person was missing. Two Asian workers died when a hill collapsed in their residential area in an industrial zone as a result of the storm, the news agency reported.

The eye of the storm was about 60 km from Muscat and was producing winds of 120 kilometers per hour or more, said a joint statement from the country’s emergency response agency, weather agency and civil aviation agency.

The center of the storm is expected to hit land in the afternoon and evening, bringing strong winds and heavy rain, but the outside of the storm is already being felt.

The national emergency committee said power supplies would be cut off in al-Qurm, east of the capital, to avoid accidents. More than 2,700 people fled to emergency shelters. [lt/ka]

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