Afghan Refugees Leave US Military Base

Some Afghan refugees are reported to have left US military bases before they were resettled.

The number of “voluntary departures,” of about 700 refugees or possibly greater, is unprecedented.

However, the phenomenon has raised concerns among immigration advocates concerned about the risks to Afghans surrendering to what is now an open, complex and fully voluntary resettlement process.

Amid the rapid and chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August after 20 years of war, many refugees were brought to the United States on temporary status on the basis of “conditional humanitarian release.”

After being transferred to US military bases, resettlement groups and US officials have sought to connect refugees to various services for a smooth transition to America.

In a statement, a spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declined to comment on figures provided to Reuters by the source but said people who had left the base “generally” had links to America, such as family members of friends, and resources. to support them.

The spokesman said that in addition, at the start of the operation, many of those evacuated were US citizens, permanent residents or had obtained Special Immigrant Visas, so they could quickly leave the military base.

But leaving early could cost other important benefits of Afghan refugees such as accelerated work permits – and create many future legal problems, given the complexity of the US immigration system. [my/pp]

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