President Moon Promises to Respond Strongly to Any Threats Against South Korea

During an Armed Forces Day ceremony on Friday (1/10), South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he would resolutely reject any attempt that threatens the lives of his people and will strive to achieve lasting peace.

“I trust our military. I am proud of our strong national security. Based on that trust and pride, I propose to the international community to open a new era of declaration of the end of war and reconciliation and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula,” Moon said.

But he made no mention of North Korea’s recent missile tests, possibly in an attempt to maintain the atmosphere for talks between the two Koreas.

Moon called for a declaration of an end to war on the Korean Peninsula amid North Korea’s ambiguous stance on inter-Korean relations. He convinced the public to build peace on the divided peninsula, demonstrating his consistent determination to improve relations with North Korea.

Moon attended the Armed Forces Day ceremony in Pohang, where there were two days of military exercises and shows of force.

“The government and military will resolutely respond to any action that threatens the lives and safety of our people. I hope people also support our great army with greater trust and love. I will definitely establish perfect peace with our military,” Moon added. [lt/uh]

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