US Expresses Commitment to Taiwan’s International Participation

The US remains committed to expanding Taiwan’s space for international participation, a US diplomat said at an event with Taiwan’s foreign minister which was also attended by the US deputy ambassador to the United Nations.

China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, prevents the island from taking part in many world bodies such as the United Nations, declaring Taiwan a Chinese province that has no right to be considered a state.

Speaking at a virtual panel on the “UN Sustainable Development Goals”, Wednesday (29/9), the deputy director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the US embassy’s de facto, Jeremy Comforth said Taiwan was committed to using its technological prowess “for the common good. ”

Comforth said Taiwan was prevented from meaningfully participating in institutions such as the World Health Assembly, but said the event would highlight that Taiwan is using its technological prowess to help the international community overcome common challenges.

“The United States remains committed to expanding Taiwan’s international space,” he continued, in comments carried by AIT Thursday.

AIT said Deputy US Ambassador to the United Nations Jeffrey Prescott gave a closing statement, but did not provide details.

Washington has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan but is its strongest international backer and routinely denounces Chinese pressure on the island.

Menlu Tawian, Joseph Wu.

Menlu Tawian, Joseph Wu.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said at the same event that Taiwan is an “indispensable” member of the international community.

“Now is the time for the UN to take action to address Taiwan’s undue removal from the UN system,” his ministry quoted Wu as saying.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Republic of China, the official name of Taiwan, being replaced at the United Nations by the People’s Republic of China in Beijing, which continues to claim the right to represent Taiwan globally.

Taiwan’s democratically elected government says only its people have the right to speak for it on the world stage. [uh/lt]

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