Pope Francis Praises Young Activists for Tackling Global Warming

Pope Francis on Wednesday, September 29, commended young climate activists for their efforts to tackle the problem of global warming. Pope Francis also encouraged them to continue their work “for the good of mankind.”

Thousands of young activists gathered in Milan, Italy, this week for the Youth4Climate event. Approximately 400 of them, coming from around 190 countries, are scheduled to have a dialogue with policy makers to make proposals on possible solutions.

Pope Francis addressed the event participants via his video message. He said, “You are called the future. But in this case, you are the present. It is you who make the future today, in the present.”

Pope Francis strongly supports the targets in the 2015 UN climate agreement in Paris to reduce global warming. Since becoming pope in 2013, he has repeatedly urged governments to take drastic steps to tackle global warming and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Pope Francis also told the young activists that concern for shared assets must be kept at the center of global policy debates and shared ideas will help find solutions to energy poverty.

The Pope added, “It is time to make wise decisions so that we can take advantage of the many experiences gained in recent years, so that a culture of caring, a culture of sharing responsibilities can be realized.”

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote an encyclical (circular) on the need to protect the environment, reduce wasteful lifestyles, stop global warming and protect the poor from the effects of climate change.

In his next message he said, “There must be harmony between people, men and women, and the environment. We are not enemies. We are not indifferent. We are part of the harmony in this universe.” [uh/lt]

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