Overcoming Scarcity, UK Supply Fuel Directly to Gas Stations

In an effort to overcome the shortage of fuel oil (BBM) in the country, the British government on Wednesday (29/9) instructed that fuel supplies be sent directly to fueling stations in the country and not through big companies, a move which is considered to be able to interfere with online ordering operations, as quoted by the daily the Telegraph.

The report states that British government officials ordered executives operating the UK’s network of fuel terminals to send tanker trucks previously destined for large companies straight to the SBPU.

The daily also reported a rebuttal from the government which said it had not ordered the transfer of the fuel shipments.

The UK is haunted by panic due to fears of a fuel shortage, which causes SBPUs in big cities to not have supplies.

Oil companies have warned that they do not have enough tanker truck drivers to transport fuel from refineries to gas stations.

The government assigned the army to start piloting fuel tankers to fill empty SBPUs. Many motorists are trapped in long queues at gas stations after nearly a week of fuel shortages in the country.

The UK government does not respond to requests Reuters for comment, but a spokesman said it was “incorrect” to conclude that officials had ordered oil companies to divert their fuel shipments.

“There has always been and will continue to be a lot of fuel in refineries and terminals. We are now seeing signs that the situation at SBPUs is starting to improve and more SBPUs will receive fuel supplies,” the spokesman said, as quoted by the daily the Telegraph. (jm/my)

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