The Taliban Will Use Part Of The Kingdom’s Constitution In Its Government

The Taliban on Tuesday (28/9) said it temporarily planned to apply articles of Afghanistan’s 1964 constitution that are “not against Islamic law” to govern the country for the foreseeable future.

The information comes in an official announcement citing Abdul Hakeem Sharaee, the Taliban’s acting justice minister, who informed the Chinese ambassador of the plan at a meeting in Kabul.

“The Islamic Emirate will implement the constitution of the era of former King Mohammad Zahir Shah for the time being without any content that goes against Islamic Sharia and the principles of the Islamic Emirate,” Sharaee said, using the name Taliban for her new government.

“In addition, international laws and instruments that do not conflict with the principles of Sharia and the Islamic Emirate will also be respected,” added Sharaee.

The minister did not discuss the provisions they would use of the constitution that give women the right to vote and open up opportunities for their increased participation in Afghan politics.

The then King Zahir Shah enacted the constitution in 1964, allowing Afghanistan to enjoy a decade of parliamentary democracy on its own without external help or intervention, before he was overthrown in 1973 in a peaceful coup by his cousin, Mohammed Daoud.

The Taliban returned to power in August and pledged to govern the conflict-torn country with a more tolerant and inclusive political approach than during their previous rule from 1996 to 2001. During this period, women were barred from public life and education, which were among the offenses. human rights exercised by the group.

The Taliban has been criticized for not involving women in its cabinet, which was introduced earlier this month.

Taliban leaders pledged to include women and rejected criticism of their government, saying it represented all ethnic Afghans.

But the failure to give women a role in government has fueled concerns about a marked decline in women’s rights since the Taliban’s takeover, especially after the new ruler announced that secondary education would resume only for boys. (my/jm)

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