North Korean Media Reports North Korea Launches Missile Again

North Korea on Wednesday (29/09) acknowledged its latest missile launch, a day after South Korea first reported it.

Government media KCNA and newspapers Workers’ Daily called the “hypersonic” and “newly developed” missile a “top priority project” after leader Kim Jong Un presented it at the ruling Workers’ Party Congress in January this year.

So far, North Korea used to report news one day after the incident.

Official reports do not say Kim Jong Un witnessed the test, but rather said Pak Jong Chon, a politburo member and veteran military official, was present at the launch in a remote area of ​​Jagang Province, near the border with China.

The launch, the third this month, comes just three days after North Korea repeated its offer for conditional talks with South Korea.

Experts say the latest missile launch was likely meant to test how South Korea would respond, while North Korea needs Seoul to persuade Washington to ease economic sanctions and make other concessions. [lt/uh]

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