Long Queues Again Occur at Gas Stations in Various Parts of London

Long lines resumed outside gas stations across London on Wednesday (29/9), as fuel supply constraints continued, although PM Boris Johnson said the situation was improving.

Video from Reuters news agency showed long lines of cars and vans waiting to fill up at gas stations in London, as well as announcements at several gas stations that there was no more petrol available.

Britain has been gripped by a rush of frantic shoppers for nearly a week that saw gas stations run out of gas in major cities, after oil companies warned they didn’t have enough truck drivers to carry gasoline and diesel from refineries to gas stations.

Johnson has tried to quell public concerns, saying supplies have returned to normal while urging residents not to panic buy. But in many areas, motorists are still waiting in line waiting to be able to refuel.

The government has put 150 British military tanker truck drivers on alert, and media reports suggest they could be deployed in the coming days.

Queues at a gas station in London, England, September 29, 2021. (REUTERS/Beresford Hodge)

Queues at a gas station in London, England, September 29, 2021. (REUTERS/Beresford Hodge)

Industry groups say the worst fuel shortages appear to be in London, the southeast and other British cities.

The shortage has added to the chaos in the world’s fifth-largest economy after a shortage of truck drivers across Britain left a number of vacancies on supermarket shelves. One supermarket in London, for example, on Tuesday (28/9) posted an advertisement for a job vacancy for a driver at its entrance. [uh/lt]

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