Japan’s new leader vows to reform ruling party

The newly -appointed leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Fumio Kishida, on Wednesday (29/9) said he would maintain a “determination” to reform the ruling party as it prepares to become the next prime minister.

“My determination to reform the LDP Party has not changed, not a millimeter. I will work hard to reform this party,” Kishida promised.

Speaking shortly after his inaugural victory, Kishida vowed to change the party’s reputation, which was exacerbated by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga – who is about to step down – for sparking public anger over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his insistence on holding the Olympics in Tokyo last summer. .

Asked why he was able to win the election, Kishida replied that he had won support for his attitude towards always paying attention to the “voice of the nation.”

“Listening to people’s voices carefully and politicking with care and generosity, I think I won support because of those policies.” [em/jm]

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