Florida Sues Joe Biden Administration Over Immigration Policy

Florida, on Tuesday (28/9), filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s administration claiming the government’s immigration policies were illegal.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a Republican, signed an order barring the state’s offices from assisting in the relocation of illegal immigrants arriving in Florida.

The DeSantis order authorizes the Florida Law Enforcement Office and Florida Highway Patrol “to detain any aircraft, bus, or other vehicle in Florida believed to be transporting illegal aliens into the state from the southwestern border” if this carriage is permitted by Federal law and state law.

He also ordered the offices to collect information about the identity of any immigrants arriving illegally in Florida from the US-Mexico border and told state offices not to spend money to help immigrants unless required by law.

The state’s Democrat, Anna Eskamani, criticized DeSantis’ decision. He said the governor was using immigration issues to increase the popularity of his conservative-based politics rather than focusing on other issues facing the state.

“He was completely insane and just wanted to distract ordinary people from real-life problems,” he said. “We have an affordable housing crisis. There are climate change issues to worry about. We have people who can’t get a good paying job. There are so many problems around us, and this issue he chose.”

Attorney General Ashley Moody’s lawsuit claims federal immigration policies will cost the state millions of dollars. (my/jm)

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