Construction of Obama Presidential Center Officially Begins

After going through the struggle for legal certainty, issues related to regional rejuvenation, and federal studies in the last five years, Barack and Michelle Obama, on Tuesday (29/9) conducted a ground excavation ceremony for the construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago park. .

Construction The building, which is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, is near the Obama family’s home, where the former president’s political career began. Construction of the building officially started last month. The location of the building is better known as South Side from Chicago.

While standing near the diggers and other heavy equipment, the former president described how the territory South Side This helped shape him as a community manager, husband, father, and elected official.

Obama said the creation of the presidential center was one way to give back to his people and hoped the initiative would boost the economy in the area and inspire the next generation of leaders.

“We want this center to be more than just a static museum or resource for research archives. It’s not just my collection of campaign memorabilia or Michelle’s party dresses, although I know everyone wants to see those things,” he joked. “It’s not just nostalgia and looking back. We want to look to the future.”

The Presidential Center will stand on 7.7 acres of land that is part of Jackson Park, a park that was founded in the name of the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. (jm/my)

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