US Senate Fails to Pass Government Budget and Debt Limit

The United States Senate, Monday (27/9), failed to pass a bill to prevent a partial government shutdown and avoid the federal government’s failure to pay debts at the start of an important legislative week. This failure highlights the challenges facing a deeply divided Congress.

Republican congressmen late Monday (27/9) voted against a bill that forces Democrats to find other ways to keep the government running after Thursday and raise the debt ceiling before the government is expected to default on its loans sometime in late October or early November. .

The vote, which was close to party lines, failed by a 48-50 vote. Democrats narrowly control both houses of Congress, but under Senate rules, it takes 60 out of 100 Senate votes to pass most bills in that house.

Republicans want Democrats to raise the debt limit themselves, saying Republicans do not support the Democrats’ trillion-dollar spending plan.

“We’re not willing to help the Democrats raise the debt ceiling while they set historically reckless taxes and budget proportions behind the scenes,” Senate Republican chairman Mitch McConnell said Monday.

Democrats say a lot of the nation’s debt was incurred during the Trump administration. Historically, both sides have chosen to raise the debt limit to prevent America from defaulting on its debt.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Republican move was “one of the most reckless and irresponsible voting witnessed in the Senate” and “the Republican Party has established itself as the party of failure.”

McConnell said Republicans would support the bill that funds the day-to-day activities of the government, which ran out of funds after Thursday. However, the Democrat Party does not want to separate the government budget bill from the debt ceiling bill. [my/pp]

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