UK warns citizens of threat of extradition to Hong Kong

Concerns are rising after the Chinese government imposed a national security law on Hong Kong that led Britain to warn some of its nationals that they could face arrest and extradition to the former British colony.

China enacted a national security law in June 2020 in response to months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong. Beijing claims the law is necessary to restore order in the region, saying it is necessary to protect people’s rights.

Critics say the law curtails fundamental democratic freedoms, as well as suppresses political opposition.

More than 140 people have been arrested under the law since it was enacted, including opposition lawmakers, activists, journalists and media executives.

Among those arrested was opposition activist Andy Li, who was charged with collusion with foreigners in 2020 after being accused of lobbying foreign governments to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and China.

Several British nationals are named in court documents related to Li’s case.

Earlier this month, the British government had contacted them to warn of possible threats of arrest and extradition to Hong Kong if they traveled to a country that has an extradition agreement with Chinese territory. (jm/my)

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