Need Long Range Weapons to Deter China

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said Monday that the country needs to have long-range and accurate weapons to prevent China from rapidly developing its systems to attack the island.

Taiwan this month proposed nearly $9 billion in extra defense spending over the next five years, including the purchase of new missiles, as there is an urgent need to upgrade weapons in the face of a “severe threat” from giant neighbor China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory.

Speaking in parliament, Chiu said Taiwan should be able to tell China that it can defend itself.

“Equipment development must be long-range, precise, and agile, so that the enemy can feel that we are ready as soon as they send in their troops,” he added, referring to Taiwan’s missile capabilities.

In a written report to parliament, the ministry said that medium- and long-range missiles were used in intercept drills at a key test facility on Taiwan’s southeast coast.

Chiu declined to give reporters details on how far Taiwan’s missiles could reach, something the government has always kept secret.

Taiwan offers an unusually sharp assessment of China’s capabilities in its annual report on the Chinese military. Taiwan says it can “cripple” Taiwan’s defenses and can fully monitor its spread.

Chiu said it was important that Taiwanese people were aware of the dangers they faced.

Asked what China would attack first in the event of war, Chiu replied that it was Taiwan’s command and communications capabilities.

“In this case the capabilities of the Chinese Communists have increased tremendously. They can interfere with our command, control, communication and intelligence systems, for example with the radar stations being attacked first,” he said.

“So we have to be mobile, stealthy and can change positions.”

President Tsai Ing-wen has made strengthening and modernizing defenses a priority, to make the island a “hedgehog” that is difficult to attack.

Taiwan has complained for months about repeated Chinese military activity nearby, especially air force jets entering Taiwan’s air defense zone.

China has stepped up efforts to force the democratically-ruled island to accept Chinese sovereignty. Most Taiwanese show no desire to be ruled by autocratic Beijing. [ah/rs]

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