German Chancellor Candidate Comments on Government Potential, UK Fuel Crisis

One of the candidates for the German chancellor on Monday (27/9) commented on the problem in Britain about fuel shortages caused by a shortage of truck drivers. He said the problem was a consequence of Brexit and poor working conditions.

Olaf Scholz, whose Social Democrats took the top spot in Sunday’s election, said Germany had been working hard to convince Britain not to leave the European Union, and that he hoped Britain could “manage the problems that arise as a result of this.” the farewell.”

Post-Brexit immigration rules mean EU citizens can no longer live and work visa-free in the UK, as they could when Britain was still a member of the bloc.

Scholz added that poor wages and working conditions may also be at the root of the problem. “If people want to decide on a particular job, they want to know if it’s something that’s really good for the rest of their lives,” he said.

He responded to a question from a British reporter at a post-election press conference in Berlin.

Scholz’s Social Democrats narrowly defeated Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right party in Sunday’s parliamentary election, but whether she becomes chancellor of Germany depends on the outcome of coalition talks.

He told reporters he wanted to form a new governing coalition before Christmas if possible. [lt/uh]

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