Facebook Suspends “Instagram Kids” Project

Facebook suspended the “Instagram Kids” project amid growing concerns about the potential harmful effects on children, including anxiety and depression.

Instagran Kids aims to provide children with a social media platform but without ads, with greater parental controls and appropriate content.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups have urged Facebook to scrap the plan for security reasons.

“Today is an important moment for the growing technology accountability movement, and a good day for anyone who believes that the well-being of children comes before the profits of big tech companies,” said Josh Golin, executive director of Fairplay, an advocacy group focused on in children.

“We commend Facebook for listening to the many voices who loudly and consistently tell them that Instagram Youth will pose significant harm to children.”

Golin vowed to continue to fight against Instagram Kids “until they cancel the plan completely.”

While Instagram Kids needs parental consent to join, the company said it was suspending plans to “continue to develop parental control tools for teens,” the company said in a blog.

The company says the reality is that kids are online and that products like Instagram Kids will be “better for parents.” [vm/jm]

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