About 100 US Citizens Still in Afghanistan

About 100 US citizens are still waiting to leave Afghanistan, the State Department said Monday. The State Department said the biggest challenge in evacuating them was the Taliban’s “uncertainty”.

“The biggest obstacle blocking the departure of our nationals and others from Afghanistan is the Taliban’s uncertainty about who is allowed to leave,” a senior State Department official told reporters at a Monday briefing.

“The second biggest obstacle is the absence of regular commercial flights to allow people who want to go, to travel on a fixed schedule,” he added.

The State Department estimates that about 100 US citizens and permanent residents are “ready to go” at this time.

The department said its officials are in “regular communication” with private groups that charter evacuation flights from the country, and also communicate with the Taliban consistently to negotiate the safe departure of US citizens.

About 124,000 people were flown out of Afghanistan after the US announced its military withdrawal, and the Taliban seized control of the capital in late August. Since all US troops officially left on August 31, the US State Department says 85 Americans have managed to leave the country. [vm/jm]

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