Second man dies of self-immolation in Tunisia

Witnesses and medics said a Tunisian man died in hospital on Saturday (11/9) after setting himself on fire. The incident came just days after another person set himself on fire to protest conditions in the country.

The two actions evoked the memory of Mohamed Bouazizi, a food hawker who set himself to death on December 17, 2020. The event prompted the birth of the Tunisian revolutionary movement that later sparked the Arab Uprising that overthrew several autocratic leaders in the region.

On Saturday (11/9), a 35-year-old man “set himself on fire on Jalan Habib Bourguiba” in central Tunis, civil defense told the news agency AFP.

The man, whose motive remains unknown, “suffered third-degree burns and was rushed to hospital,” a spokesman said.

Local media including state television later reported that he died from his injuries. [vm/ft]

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