Pakistan PM Urges World to Support Taliban

The Pakistani prime minister urged the international community to support the new Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, instead of isolating them.

In a prerecorded message to the UN General Assembly on Friday, Imran Khan said the world community must stabilize the current leaders “for the sake of the Afghan people.”

“According to the UN, half of Afghanistan’s population is already vulnerable, and next year almost 90% of people in Afghanistan will be below the poverty line, if we ignore Afghanistan,” Khan said.

He noted, the Taliban promised to respect human rights, form an inclusive government and not allow their country to be used by terrorists.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday (23/9), conveyed to the United States, while Afghan Taliban rulers must keep their promises, the world has a “moral obligation” to collectively help the Afghan people face the severe humanitarian and economic crisis. in a war -torn country.

Qureshi conveyed the message during his meeting with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, where they discussed the future of Afghanistan, according to an official statement issued by Islamabad.

The US State Department said Blinken stressed “the importance of coordinating our diplomatic engagement and facilitating the departure of those wishing to leave Afghanistan” in his talks with Qureshi. [ps/ah]

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