Mexico Gives Protection to Migrants

In a statement delivered at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said his country’s government had provided protection to thousands of migrants from Haiti and Central America, as well as hundreds of Afghans who needed assistance.

Ebrard said 18,000 Haitian migrants who had traveled from Brazil and Chile found refuge in Mexico, a statement that came as a thousand Haitian migrants had traveled across the continent on their way north to the United States.

Thousands of Haitian migrants fled migration settlements in southern Mexico in late August, after months of waiting for transit papers. Mexican authorities and armed officers detained hundreds of them in the weeks that followed.

Ebrard added that Mexico is also providing some form of protection to hundreds of Afghans “who are in very vulnerable situations, especially women and girls.”

In his speech, Ebrard also said that countries should consider the COVID-19 vaccine a “world common good,” and comply with the World Health Organization (WHO) as an authority that can recognize the validity of vaccines.

“Discrimination or recognition of vaccines could jeopardize economic recovery and the existence of mechanisms like COVAX,” he said. (ps/rs)

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